Newborn Care Class

You’re not just preparing for the day of labor, you’re preparing for what lies ahead. Allow us to help you welcome your baby with confidence! Our private educators can prepare a newborn care class to meet your needs and to fit into your schedule.

We can tailor a customized class to meet your unique needs:

• Having your first baby or needing a ‘refresher’
• Coming home after a NICU stay
• Adopting or intended parents seeking parent education

Private education is available by the hour or in packages (see below) and is offered in the comfort of your home or at our offices. We can create consolidated or a more in-depth curriculum based on your needs.

The following are some commonly requested Packages. You may add care hours to any package.

Welcoming Baby Package for All Parents (Parenting through Pregnancy, Adoption or Surrogacy)

In our Welcoming Baby sessions, families learn about buying diapers, changing diapers, and how to look at diapers for reassuring signs of newborn well-being.

You can learn swaddling and/or baby-wearing techniques, assess your layette needs, and more. We’ll cover the common and basic questions, but we’ll also open the door to the wonderful world of the newborn.

You’ll learn about the ways your baby communicates, beyond the cries, and see what your baby is capable of as we share the latest research on newborn development.

With this foundation, you can optimize your newborn’s wellness, growth, feeding and sleeping behaviors. We know families need more than a class to feel confident. In this package, your doula will come to your home to reassure you and answer your questions when your baby is here!

Welcoming Baby Package Includes:
• Four hours of Private Education
• Plus one 4 hour shift with a senior doula to welcome you home and settle in

Lactation Preparation Package

This model of preparation paired with expert support in the first days/weeks can virtually eliminate the all too common challenges of establishing lactation and leave you and your baby thriving!

This package offers you one-on-one education in the privacy of your home:
• 2 hours of private education and individualized consultation with a Lactation Educator
• 8 hours of postpartum care with Lactation Educators, addressing lactation questions while meeting all of your new parent needs.
• Phone/email follow up of up to 2 hours
• 10% discount on a visit with a Board Certified Lactation Consultant