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“(Doula) was great to work with; professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and collaborative. She provided wonderful peace of mind and much needed sleep!”

Night Nurse & Overnight Infant Care

Birthways is the Chicago area expert in providing professional overnight infant care to growing families.

Overnight newborn care can help you and your baby adjust to life as a family. Consider hiring a night nurse/overnight doula. They provide compassionate, knowledgeable support for those sleepless nights.

Your baby will sleep, you will sleep. Learn why new parents trust postpartum doulas from Birthways:​

Overnight doulas are more than someone to look after your baby while you get some much-needed sleep.

Overnight doulas are specially trained to:

  • Help with your bottle-fed or breastfed baby. We can help you tailor a plan that supports both your breastfeeding goals and your need for restorative sleep.
  • Sort out the sleep theories. Do you Ferberize or are you an attachment parent? Your Doula will work with you to support your philosophy, not ours.
  • Making sleep cues work for you. We can help you learn to interpret your baby’s sleep patterns and develop solutions designed to make the most of your baby’s rhythms.
  • Support your postpartum recovery. Your doula is armed with research-based knowledge about your postpartum discomforts, including caesarean birth recovery.
  • Make tomorrow run more smoothly. Folding laundry, prepping dinner, addressing birth announcements . . . anything that doesn’t make too much noise!
  • Calm middle-of-the-night nerves. Your doula can provide emotional support, answer questions about newborn care, and all of those concerns that come up at 2am.

Learn more about how a Birthways postpartum doula can support all of your needs as a new family.

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