Childbirth Refresher Class

Spend time celebrating your second or subsequent birth!

Review the essentials of childbirth preparation, brush up on comfort measures, and learn how labor patterns with this baby can vary from your prior childbirth experiences.

The Birthways refresher childbirth education class is an opportunity to review your previous birth story with knowledgeable birth professionals as well as discuss your hopes for the upcoming birth.

We will:

  • Review stages of labor
  • Share comfort measures for each stage
  • Share tools for optimal communication with your health care team
  • Discuss how first births are different than later births and how to make decisions accordingly

We can also incorporate information and preparation for VBAC, medical conditions for mother or baby, multiples, or other factors unique to this pregnancy.

The Birthways Refresher class is meant for families who completed a comprehensive childbirth education class when expecting an earlier baby. If this will be your first class, or you felt your first class was not comprehensive, please let us know so that we can make sure to provide comprehensive support!

Please call 888.506.0607 x703 to explore education/preparation options for your growing family!