Cost of Postpartum Doula

How much does it cost to have a postpartum doula?

There are many benefits to having a doula AFTER your baby’s birth. Find out about the cost of having professional POSTPARTUM support doula care.

Birthways has very competitive pricing for our hourly postpartum doulas and overnight care doulas/night nurses. We have a range of pricing options to meet your care and budget needs.

Though our rates will compare favorably, only Birthways offers you these benefits:

  • Our providers are our employees.
  • We are paying employment taxes, liability, worker’s compensation and other insurance. This means a big savings to you, less risk, and, more ease and no big surprising bills at tax time! In fact, we can help provide the documentation your accountant requires.
  • We are a respected source of professional care. We also train our doulas and require continuing education.
  • Employers seek out Birthways to offer doula care benefits to their employees. Our reputation, professionalism and billing services make it easy for workplaces to support their employees during the childbearing year.
  • We will help you with documents for submitting claims if you are eligible to receive benefits.
  • We have the resources to match you with a replacement if your provider is ill or has an emergency. When you hire us, you get our ongoing attention and support to make sure that you have what you need.
  • What if your baby comes early or late? We have more than 20 year of experience planning for families’ needs. When you reserve ahead (by 27 weeks) your doula will be free of conflicts and will just be waiting for your baby. No need to worry or rush!
  • Birthways provides 24/7 administrative coverage when an urgent need arises outside of business hours.

Learn how we can arrange care within your budget and beyond your expectations!