Doula Care: Your Guide to a Better Birth

What is a ‘good birth?’

We all agree that having a healthy mom and baby is the most important outcome.

But are there ways to prevent complications?

Can we impact the rate of cesareans and the associated risks of the surgery for the mother and also those risks for the baby?

Can we make labor progress more effectively?

Feeling safe, supported, empowered in labor is not in addition to the wish for a healthy outcome, we believe it’s the foundation of it. From the beginning of childbirth ‘training’ or education, researchers have discovered that labor progresses more effectively when women are prepared, supported and in an environment in which they feel safe.

Your doula can support your journey by nurturing your confidence, cultivating trust in the process and serving as an ongoing resource to help you sort through your options. She meets these needs and more:

• Comfort measures for pregnancy, birth and postpartum
• Feeling prepared for the wide variety of normal labor patterns
• Support at home and guidance for when to move to your birth facility
• What to expect and how to optimize comfort in your chosen birth facility
• How to best communicate your wishes to your health care providers
• Demystifying decision-making when interventions are suggested
• Evidence-based resources to help you feel informed
• Avoiding unnecessarily being rushed through labor
• Optimizing normal progress with ‘childbirth wisdom’

We know that ‘left brain’ information collecting needs to be balanced with ‘right brain’ comfort, emotional security, and the safety to feel vulnerable, powerful, and everything in between.

We also know that partners have their own needs for preparation, including building trust in a new and unfamiliar process, having the opportunity to be heard and supported and relieving them of being the ‘expert’ or ‘coach’ that is supposed to guide a process they are encountering for the first time. With a doula present, couples can prepare effectively and on the birth day focus on each other and welcoming their baby, with confidence, joy, and trust.