A doula’s role in supporting wellness for new mothers and families

The doula meets many needs of the new family, and directly and indirectly creates the environment for optimal wellness for the new mother, baby, and family. Your doula is skilled in helping you minimize discomforts of the postpartum period and aids in your physical recovery.

Maintaining good nutrition, eating regular meals to control blood sugar spikes and dips, and staying hydrated are all more challenging than you might imagine as a new parent. The doula can make nutritious meals and snacks, and can care for your baby or whole family so you have time not only to eat your lunch but to have time for naps and self-care.

A doula can also offer strategies for curtailing the common symptom of diminished appetite that accompanies many perinatal mood disorders.

Sleep deprivation and stress take a toll on the brain and immune function. Your doula can care for your baby and you to help break this cycle.  Nighttime care especially is helpful to support healthier sleep and improved recovery.

Sensitive, knowledgeable and compassionate
As doulas we are sensitive to the conflicts you may feel between needing sleep, supporting your breastfeeding goals (if you are breastfeeding) and also meeting the needs of your baby. Each family’s needs are considered as we make suggestions for balancing baby’s round the clock needs with the need for improved sleep. Even exclusively breastfeeding mothers experience improved sleep with doula support. Our Board Certified Lactation Consultants can provide any needed guidance or support.