Finding Your Doula for Your Prenatal and Postnatal care

Birthways provides you with the guidance and support you need at every step of the way toward parenthood. We even make finding your doula easier than doing it on your own! We’ll use our expertise to help you identify your needs and to get you introduced to the right doula for you.

All of our doulas are trained to assist you and to meet your needs, both those that you are and aren’t anticipating! We know that finding the right fit and a comfortable and warm connection with the person you invite to support you is more subtle than just a checklist of experience and skill.

During our intake conversation, we’ll ask you to consider your preferences for experience level and share any budget constraints. We’ll also work with you to think through your interest in our other support services, so that when possible, we can match you with a professional that can meet your needs for labor support as well as postpartum doula care, massage services, private education, refresher classes or lactation consultation.

Other Considerations
As we explore your needs, please share with us if you would like to be paired with someone who can also offer private preparation classes. We will focus on the providers when possible who have that ability to serve all of your needs.

If you would like to have comprehensive postpartum doula support along with your labor support services, please inform us as you complete your intake and we will choose from the doulas who offer both services when available. Not all of our labor support providers are available at any given time for postpartum care as well. Planning ahead is key.

If you were referred to a certain provider, we can explore that doula’s availability. However, sometimes we find that the perfect doula for you is not the same as the perfect doula for your friend who referred you to us. Feel free to openly explore your individual needs with us!


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