Opportunity to Receive Sleep Consultation

Do you have a little one who struggles with sleep? Someone who needs a lot of help to settle, rises early, or wakes during the night? Or maybe you have a 3-12 week old and would like establishing healthy sleep patterns from the start?

Carrie Fosbinder is a Senior Postpartum Doula at Birthways and is expanding her work to include becoming a Certified Sleep Consultant.  Here is a note from Carrie….

I am enrolled in a course to become a certified Sleep Consultant and beginning in mid-October will be offering this service through Birthways. I have learned a number of approaches and we will work together to find the right one for your family. You can be confident that your customized sleep plan will be of high quality!

Details on Sleep Consultant Packages will be available soon! To be placed on a waitlist, please sign up now and Carrie will be in touch!