Opportunity to Receive Free Sleep Consultation

Do you have a little one who struggles with sleep? Someone who needs a lot of help to settle, rises early, or wakes during the night? Or maybe you have a 3-12 week old and would like establishing healthy sleep patterns from the start?

Carrie Fosbinder is a Senior Postpartum Doula at Birthways and is expanding her work to include becoming a Certified Sleep Consultant.  Here is a note from Carrie….

I am enrolled in a course to become a certified Sleep Consultant and need sixteen volunteer families of different ages (3 weeks through four years) and parenting styles. I will be learning a number of approaches and we will work together to find the right one for your family. You can be confident that your customized sleep plan will be of high quality, as all of my work will be supervised by an experienced mentor.

I will ask that you commit to work with me through the entire process, which will take between two and six weeks. Our work together will include:

  • An intake questionnaire, which could be completed over email, over the phone, at the Birthways office, or in your home. This will take no more than an hour.
  • Documenting your child’s daily sleeping, eating, and behavioral patterns in a log thatI will provide.
  • My assessments and recommendations based on yourlogs, parenting style, and goals.
  • Email discussions every few days as we reassess our progress and learn what works with yourindividual child.
  • We will work together no more than six weeks, but you may be satisfied with your progress before that time and we would then conclude our work.

Please let me know if you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity to get your child on the right track. Everybody needs a good night’s sleep, and as an overnight doula it has been an honor to help families achieve that goal. This further certification will allow me to deepen my effectiveness and my impact. I look forward to talking with you and again, this consultation will be provided at no charge.

To learn more about this opportunity, sign up now and Carrie will be in touch!