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We’re excited that you’re interested in becoming a Birthways doula!

Do what you love, and love what you do

Potential Job Openings

Potential opportunities include:

  • Postpartum doulas/infant specialist/consultants/night or baby nurse (full or part-time)
  • Labor support doulas (full or part-time)

If you are interested in learning about how to become a Birthways Doula



If you’re passionate about helping to empower, inform and support families during the childbearing year, then you’ve come to the right place!

  • Are you interested in becoming a postpartum doula or newborn specialist? 
  • Are you interested in working a labor support doula?
  • Are you hoping to build a successful practice built on integrity, a broad foundation of knowledge and skillful approaches to working with parents?

More than ever, new parents need caring, well-informed advocates and skilled practitioners who can help them to survive and thrive.The providers, educators and mentors at Birthways have been sharing the skills, knowledge and self-care doulas need to serve parents for more than 20 years.


Benefits of Our Care



Considering becoming a doula?

Birthways is partnering with WisdomWay Institute for postpartum doula/Mother Baby First-Year Specialist training. The next training will begin later this summer/fall. We’ll keep you posted here!

As you consider becoming a labor support and/or postpartum doula, the following resources are helpful:






I’ve already completed my postpartum doula and labor support training and am interested in working with Birthways.

Independent doulas wanting more

Many doulas join our community after having spent time working independently or in a partnership, and enjoy the support of our community and our model of care.

  • Our administrative team handles the marketing, billing, and job placement on your behalf so that you can focus exclusively on care.
  • Our large group of doulas provide companionship, collective wisdom, and a built-in backup support system for your client needs.
  • Having a multitude of services under one roof also means more support for your clients, more education and resources for you, and more opportunities for career advancement.
  • Our providers are our employees, with opportunities for benefits including sick pay, overtime, and health insurance.


I’ve been working independently and am interested in becoming part of the Birtways team. 




Are you ready to join us in the mission to address the gaps in support that new parents face?


Contact us about becoming a Birthways doula

  • Please list any doula trainings or certifications, including dates.