Independent Doulas Wanting More

Many doulas join our community after having spent time working independently or in a partnership, and enjoy the welcome embrace of our community and our model of care. Our organization is unique in that our doulas are not contractors, but employees. We provide training, ongoing continuing education opportunities, and professional development for our doulas. Our administrative team handles the marketing, billing, and job placement on your behalf so that you can focus exclusively on care. Our large group of doulas provide companionship, collective wisdom, and a built-in backup support system for your client needs. Having a multitude of services under one roof also means more support for your clients, more education and resources for you, and more opportunities for career advancement.



Some of the benefits that come from being a doula at Birthways include:

  • Postpartum Doula training, including postpartum recovery, infant care, breastfeeding support, and postpartum mood disorders.
  • Ongoing continuing education and professional development
  • Monthly case reviews
  • Family-friendly work environment
  • Community
  • Mentorship opportunities from senior doulas and lactation consultants
  • Administrative support, including:
    • Marketing and job placement
    • Client support, including billing
    • 24/7 support for you and your clients



Wondering if Birthways is Right for You?

The right candidate will:

  • Be interested in and passionate about supporting women and their families throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.
  • Be willing to learn, read, attend trainings and workshops and grow as a doula.
  • Provide evidence-based, non-judgmental information and support to new and expectant parents.
  • Work respectfully and diplomatically with clients’ healthcare providers, helping facilitate dialogue and understanding.
  • Respond promptly and consistently with administrative staff as appropriate, and be proactive in communicating with clients as expected.
  • Be an active member of our community by attending events and case reviews, participating in educational conversations on our group email, and serving as backup to your fellow doulas when needed.
  • Reach out for support, clarification, and guidance when needed




What our doulas are saying

 “I love having a solid resource for my postpartum mamas. I used to have to compile my own list of local resources for situations that called for more lactation support, or help with mood disorders. Now I’m able to receive immediate expertise and guidance, and my clients have more well-rounded support during a very vulnerable time.”

“I always found it awkward to discuss my rates with expectant parents, and to have to respond to negotiation requests. Now that I’m with Birthways, my admin team takes care of all the billing and paperwork, and I’m able to just focus on my clients.

 “Birthways’ training was excellent, and the ongoing continuing education and sense of community really can’t be matched. I’m never going back to working on my own!”

“I used to have to put so much effort (and money) into taking classes and receiving education in order to keep up my doula certification and stay up-to-date on my skills. It’s so nice to have regular professional development classes and workshops provided for us!”