Doula Services

Your Labor Support Doula’s Services:

  • Reassurance and guidance from a knowledgeable, compassionate and non-judgmental source
  • Comfort measures for pregnancy, birth and postpartum including massage techniques, positioning ideas, and visualization strategies. Her “Doula bag” includes hot and cold compresses, aromatherapy and massage tools. She will work with you to find the comfort measures most effective for you, and is familiar with the wide range of approaches, including yoga and mindfulness, other mind/body practices, hypnobirthing, and other techniques.
  • Preparation for the wide variety of normal labor patterns
  • Support at home and guidance for when to move to your birth facility
  • Skillful support for great communication with your health care team
  • Demystifying decision-making when interventions are suggested
  • Evidence-based resources to help you feel informed
  • Optimizing normal progress with ‘childbirth wisdom’, including self-care in early labor and optimal fetal positioning
  • Breastfeeding support

Our Labor Support Package includes:

  • An intake with a childbirth expert and their matchmaking support
  • Free in-home interviews as you select the perfect doula for your family
  • Up to 3 scheduled prenatal visits—building confidence and connection
  • Connection with your doula through phone, email or text to get reassurance or resources
  • Support in early labor at home
  • Continuous labor support at your chosen birth site
  • Immediate postpartum support, including early breastfeeding
  • A postpartum home visit typically within 6 weeks of the birth
  • Up to 30 minutes of free Warmline with a breastfeeding expert