About Birthways

Meet Our Staff


Karen Laing

You’re likely to meet Karen Laing, IBCLC when you call to learn more about Birthways’ services. She will remain available to you for support throughout your relationship with Birthways. She trains and mentors Birthways doula providers and offers maternity consultation and health coaching, mindfulness instruction, MBSR courses, retreats and private education. She is a warmline expert for lactation questions and is available to support women and family members who may be experiencing  mood disorders. She is a mom with a teenage daughter.



Katy Collins is our Labor Support Coordinator and will introduce you to your prospective labor support doula and/or on-call childcare provider, as well as provide you with ongoing support. She is an experienced labor support and postpartum doula.


Claire Zawa

Claire Zawa is our Care Manager and Postpartum Care Coordinator. She will introduce you to your prospective postpartum doula and provide ongoing support. She will also help you to explore any of our services or obtain resources. Claire is also DONA-certified Labor Support doula and an experienced postpartum doula. Claire is Level One certified Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) teacher, training with Nancy Bardacke.



Debra Ehmann is our Manager and she handles billing and payment questions. She is also an artist and designer. You can visit her website DebandMartinArt.com to see her work!