Newborn Care Class

You’re not just preparing for the day of labor, you’re preparing for what lies ahead. Allow us to help you welcome your baby with confidence! Our private educators can prepare a newborn care class to meet your needs and to fit into your schedule.

We can tailor a customized class to meet your unique needs:

• Having your first baby or needing a ‘refresher’
• Coming home after a NICU stay
• Adopting or intended parents seeking parent education

Private education is available by the hour and is offered in the comfort of your home or at our office. We can create consolidated or a more in-depth curriculum based on your needs.


New Parent Groups at Birthways

Nothing can really prepare you for being a parent. You’ve gotten advice, read different books, talked with other new parents but once your baby joins your family it’s go time! After the joy of the birth is over and everyday life begins, it’s important for you, as a new parent, to have a place to share your experiences and questions to help and the way to what being a parent means to you.

This group is for after your baby has been born. For childbirth/parenting preparation classes please check out the Newborn Care classes on the top of this page or the Class Schedule.

Topics we’ll cover during the 5 classes
• Easing the transition from a family of 2 to 3 or more
• Sharing the parenting role 24/7: the importance of consistency in parenting
• Tummy time: play and play activities with baby
• Baby’s temperament: how does baby’s blend with yours—pros/cons of scheduling your baby
• Separation anxiety and your baby: nanny vs daycare vs. nanny share what happens when you return to work
Each weekly session will focus on one topic, but your questions and concerns will be top priority!

Sundays, 10:30am – 12noon

Cost: $90 for the 5-week package or $20 per session

JANUARY GROUP begins Sunday, January 6: Register for 5-Week Series OR Single Sessions (1/6, 1/13, 1/20, 1/27, 2/3)

Susan Ruhl holds a MA in Early Childhood Education. She worked with young children and families as a preschool and parent/toddler teacher, and director for 33 years. Susan has experience leading parenting groups and has delivered presentations to parents and teachers on a variety of topics. She is currently a postpartum doula with Birthways and has helped many families transition into parenthood. Susan has also been trained in the TummyTime! technique.