Sibling Care

Not sure who will support your older child or children while you give birth?

Birthways on-call labor childcare can help. Whether you are planning for your older child or children to attend the birth, or if you need a loving caregiver to care for the big brother or sister at home, a Birthways doula can help.

Trained and experienced

Our doulas are trained and experienced with the care of older siblings and with the unique joys and challenges of becoming an older sibling. Your doula can:

  • Answer your sibling adjustment questions
  • Prepare snacks and age appropriate activities
  • Serve as a companion during this important time
  • Be on-call for you 24/7 as your due date approaches, so you don’t need to worry about making last-minute arrangements for childcare.

We can offer guidance, or, you can tell us exactly when you need our on-call to begin, how long the doula will stay with your child, and how to coordinate with other friends and family if you want to combine your support sources.

We can arrange for “get-to-know you” play sessions so your older child or children will feel comfortable with the doula when the big day arrives.


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