Emotional Health During the Childbearing Year/Perinatal Mood Disorders & Postpartum Depression

A common manifestation of a perinatal mood disorder is anxiety about your baby’s wellbeing. You are working hard to be a good parent and are biologically wired to be attentive and even vigilant to your baby’s needs. When mood disorders sink in, however, this vigilance often gets excessive, and your worries escalate and you experience uncomfortable anxiety. We know that sometimes anxiety comes from ‘nowhere’ or from real circumstances, such as a baby who was premature or spent time in special care.

Whether this is your first time seeking counseling or emotional health services or you are seeking a practitioner who is informed and sensitive about your needs in the childbearing year, we have staff who will create a safe and compassionate environment for you.  Individual, Couples & Family sessions are available.

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Family Education Sessions
When a loved one is experiencing a perinatal mood disorder, this can be a confusing and overwhelming time for everyone.  Partners and family members need compassionate support and accurate information about the disorder, its impact, and the trajectory for recovery.  Just as you prepared for childbirth together, couples need guidance and information about what to expect, treatment options, and support needs during this time. In a family education session, a skilled mental health professional will take the time to explain common signs/symptoms, treatment options including integrative wellness approaches, and can answer questions to put everyone at greater ease. Sessions are available in our Ravenswood offices or in your home. Call 888.506.0607 x713.

Support and Preparation
To explore private, customized childbirth preparation, labor support, or postpartum doula support if you are at risk for or experiencing anxiety, depression or other mood disorders, call or email Karen Laing.

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