Private Education and Consultation

In addition to our group classes, we offer you the option of a private educator or consultant for childbirth preparation, early pregnancy decisions, breastfeeding, new parent or sleep & fussy baby challenges. We’re here for you every step of the way!

Early Pregnancy or Pre-Conception Consultation

Pregnancy brings with it many decisions:

  • Who will I choose for my prenatal and delivery care?
  • Can I make lifestyle changes that will reduce my risk of complications?
  • Will I choose a doctor or midwife, hospital or home birth?
  • Which prenatal tests should I get?
  • What books are the best for me to read now?
  • There seems to be so many opinions! What information is reliable?

The experts don’t agree!
An overwhelming amount of information is available on these topics, online, in hundreds of advice books, and in the form of advice from friends and family. Your doctor or midwife can help with some of these questions, but frequently, there just isn’t enough time in the appointment. Then things really get confusing when you learn that the ‘experts’ don’t agree! It is certainly overwhelming to find your way through it all to make the best choices for you and your baby.

Evidence-based, experienced providers
Our instructors are not only evidence-based perinatal educators but also experienced providers with hands-on experience in all of the major area hospitals and insight into the birth options available to you. Our educators and consultants include Certified Professional Midwives, Mindful Birthing Educators, Doulas, Integrative Health Coaches and other perinatal experts.