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Wellness Support Services for Pregnancy & Postpartum

If you’re planning a pregnancy or already on this journey to welcoming a new baby, you are likely turning more attention to your health and wellbeing. This is an overwhelming and busy time, but there’s a part of you that knows this needs to be prioritized to have the healthiest outcomes and to be the mom you want to be.

If you’ve had your baby, your changing body is asking for some attention but it’s hard to prioritize healthy routines when you’re not sure if you’ll get to take a shower today! Maybe, you’re not sure what to do to be healthy right now and you’re not sure what’s safe, accurate, or worth the effort.

What if you could find what you need to not only focus your attention and reach the goals that are most important to you but to have the practical support to make it happen?

What if you could not only survive pregnancy and early parenting, but thrive?

What if you could keep discomforts and complications reduced so that your delivery, recovery and the adjustment to integrating new motherhood is uncomplicated, joyful… easy!

Support Services at Birthways

All of our support services at Birthways are designed to address the gaps that women experience in the health care system and the challenges we face parenting in our often complicated lives. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and now, even Western Medicine is finding that the attention to wellbeing in the childbearing year not only allows for fewer complications during this time, but actually impacts the mother’s health throughout her lifetime and that of the baby throughout his or her lifetime!

That’s why Birthways has services to address your needs every step along the way, setting the stage for optimal wellbeing.


Contemplating pregnancy?

Lifestyle changes now can set the stage for the healthiest pregnancy and reduce complications. Knowing how to manage stress, how to strengthen your self-awareness and trust in your body, and tending to your relationship if you’re partnered or your community supports if you’re choosing parenthood as a single parent, can get you off to an empowered, informed and healthy beginning!

> Call us now to learn more about pre-conception education and maternity health coaching!


Newly pregnant?

Being informed and supported during pregnancy can help you plan for what’s ahead and make choices along the way that are aligned with  your wishes, goals and hopes for a safe and healthy delivery.  Maybe you don’t know what birth options might appeal to you or you’re not sure how to sort through all the dogmatic information out there.  Birthways educators are ready to help you  learn what YOU need to learn to find YOUR way!

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Interested in preventing the avoidable cesarean and minimizing unnecessary interventions?

Having a doula is shown to result in fewer cesareans and instrumental deliveries, results in shorter labors, fewer complications and fewer requests for pain medication for women who did not have a preference.  Regardless of what your birth options may be, the doula is an essential part of your birth plan.

> Call for a free intake and, if you’re ready to meet a doula, a free in-home interview.


Worried about how you’re going to navigate life as new parents? 

Maybe you can’t quite imagine how to deal with the interrupted sleep for months on end or hear horror stories about breastfeeding. Perhaps you’ve never held a newborn or feel shaky about how to care for this little being you already love so much! Our postpartum support has options for every family- those with big and supportive extended families or those with none at all.

> Call us to learn more. You don’t need to have an exact schedule figured out in order to start planning.

For labor support or postpartum doula services, we recommend confirmation by the 27th week to ensure availability. We always do our best to meet immediate needs but planning ahead is highly encouraged.


When you work with Birthways, you not only can learn about the resources that will be the most impactful for your needs, but you get our comprehensive, compassionate, sincere expertise.  We want you to get what you need, and we know this is different for every family we work with.

Free intake. You can ask any questions, and we learn about who you are. From this conversation, we are able to help you brainstorm about support that will meet your needs and help you to relax into what’s ahead, knowing you can have the safety net of our experts. We match-make based on your needs and personality – so your doula search is simplified.

Free warmline. When you become a Birthways client, you have access to our lactation consultants or other experts when you run into a new parent moment and need accurate information or reassurance.  It might be months later that you have a question about your stored breastmilk, or back to work questions or maybe you need some support through a sleep setback.

Support for the unexpected. Maybe you run into a complication and need to find an expert or you find you need more care than you thought you would. Birthways offers our clients caring attention and prompt responses for any new needs you may not have planned for.

Easy billing, professional attention, and the ease of working with a community that has been providing expertly delivered services for more than 2 decades!

Investing in your wellbeing as a family helps mothers, babies and families to avoid common challenges and complications of the childbearing year.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Mental Health and Integrative Care

We also offer:

Our organization can help with support from our doulas, therapeutic massage and counseling/psychotherapy for perinatal mood disorder including postpartum depression.