Prenatal and Postpartum Massage, Bouncing Back from Baby and Infant Massage Instruction

Birthways offers massage and bodywork services from Prenatal/Postpartum experts. Massages can be done in-home or in-studio. We offer package discounts and the opportunity to include therapeutic massage in the course of your labor support or postpartum doula care.

Below is additional information on the types of pregnany and postpartum massages we offer. To make an appointment call 888.506.0607 x709 or send your request on our Contact Us page.

Prenatal massage
Research shows that bodywork with a skilled practitioner trained in prenatal massage techniques can minimize discomforts of pregnancy, improve sleep and immune function and support disease prevention.

Massage after birth
Therapeutic massage offers deep relaxation, reduces cortisol (stress hormones), and aids in reducing pain and inflammation. We find that regular in-home massage can play an important role when mothers are experiencing insomnia, have postpartum edema or other complications and supports wellness and recovery for all new mothers.

Massage for newborn
Infant massage can provide numerous benefits to infants and their parents. Infant massage is proven to be helpful with fussy or high needs infants and infants suffering from gas, colic, or constipation. The massage reduces cortisol levels, improves immunity and supports neurological development. We provide newborn massage instruction for parents.

Massage for connecting
Massaging your infant builds confidence and attachment and is a useful tool when mothers and infants are struggling to connect or are rebounding from separation or a difficult beginning. Premature infants show greater progress in their growth and development when massage and touch are incorporated.

Bouncing Back from Baby
This 5 week program combines therapeutic massage, bodywork and movement education to address all the changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth.  Bouncing Back from baby specifically addresses muscles ligaments and fascia impacted by pregnancy and childbirth and reduces risk of chronic injury on returning to regular exercise routines. Through nurturing sessions, you will gain greater body awareness, flexibility and strength while returning your body to healthy alignment. Increased health and resiliency allow you to meet the demands of caring for your baby!

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