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At Birthways we get to the heart of what you need in your birth experience and in creating a calm, restful transition into parenting after your baby is born. We have been providing mindful caregiving to families in Chicagoland’s diverse communities for over 20 years, and our highly trained providers—from doulas to lactation experts to night nurses to postpartum mom & baby experts—will be by your side during both the joyful and challenging moments of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting.

Labor Support

What is a Labor Support Doula?

Your doula’s role is to help you prepare for labor and to provide comfort to you during childbirth.

Invaluable Assistant
Your birth doula becomes your invaluable assistant for pregnancy, childbirth and the process of welcoming your baby. She recognizes and supports your needs for preparation & informed decision-making as well as comfort and reassurance.

Your doula is an expert childbirth consultant, grounded in optimizing the normal and safe progression of labor. She brings experience and wisdom to help nurture your confidence and serves as an ongoing resource to help sort through your birthing options.
Diplomatic Support
Birthways doulas provide diplomatic support, working effectively with doctors, midwives, and nurses to create an atmosphere of calm and cooperation in the delivery room and helping families to have the birth for their baby that’s right for them!

Benefits of a Labor Support Doula

In 2006 the Cochrane Review compiled multiple studies totaling 14 trials and involving more than 5000 women.

Why Birthways for labor support?

Doulas on our team have exceptional experience, are warm, clear communicators and bring compassionate and non-judgmental attention to your needs. We have apprentice and senior doulas and we’ll be sure to find the right doula for your needs and budget.

We knowledgeably support women with complex health histories, prior injuries or muscular-skeletal anomalies or weaknesses, and will work with physical therapists or other health care teams to support and protect your body during childbirth.

Cost: $800–$2500

Getting ready: Education

Childbirth Preparation Class: Celebrate Birth

Both our 8-week and weekend intensive series cover

  • Understanding Prenatal Care
  • Stages of Labor
  • Recognizing Labor Patterns
  • Pushing:TheSecondStage
  • Comfort Measures for the Stages of Labor
  • Understanding ‘Normal’ and Complications
  • Working with Your Doctor or Midwife: Advocacy Issues and Birth Plans Breastfeeding and Newborn Care

We recommend also adding our Breastfeeding 101 class to any of our class participants to get more comprehensive preparation.
8-week series: $300 per couple (mom and birthing partner). Weekend intensive: $250 per couple (mom and birthing partner).

Mindfulness-Based Childbirth & Parenting Education

This series is designed to provide comprehensive childbirth preparation through the lens and practice of mindfulness. Covering childbirth, breastfeeding and initial postpartum time, this experiential approach supports all birthing and parenting journeys.
9-week series: $400 per couple
Mind in Labor workshop: $350 per couple

Private Childbirth Education

Our instructors are not only evidence-based perinatal educators but also experienced providers with hands-on experience in all of the major area hospitals and insight into the birth options available.
Cost: $75/hour
Mind in Labor workshop: $350 per couple

Childbirth Refresher Class

Review the essentials of childbirth preparation, brush up on comfort measures, and learn how labor patterns with this baby can vary from prior childbirth experiences.
Cost: $80 per couple

Breastfeeding 101

This 2-hour class, led by a Board Certified Lactation Consultant or a Certified Lactation Educator, is designed to teach anatomy, reflexes, and hard wiring, to best support baby’s natural instincts to nurse. Clients will learn about the newborn’s first feeding, strategies for common challenges, and resources for extra help.
Cost: $50 for a two-hour group class at Birthways office. The same material can also be offered as a private class.

Day and Overnight Support for you and your baby in your home

Birthways provides expert postpartum care and early parenting guidance to growing families, offering the most holistic, comprehensive suite of services in the Chicago area.
Birthways provides:

  • Day and/or overnight infant care, up to 24 hours a day
  • Affirming, compassionate, and evidence-based guidance
  • Lactation support
  • Reassurance for newborn well being
  • Collaborative support with your health care team as needed
  • Meal preparation
  • Errands or carpooling
  • Sleep consulting/fussy baby support
  • Sibling care, newborn care and new parent care
  • Assistance setting up your nursery, readying baby things, and flexibility to meet everyday practical needs
  • Pregnancy bedrest support or skilled support with complicated postpartum adjustments

A day with a shower, meals, naps and calm confidence!

Is a Postpartum Doula the Same as a Newborn Nurse/Nanny or Infant Care Specialist?

“Newborn nanny” or “baby nurse/infant care specialist” refer to a childcare provider who specializes in caring for newborns. The provider may or may not have any medical training, maternal/child health training or certification.

At Birthways, we are “postpartum doulas” who provide any of these services but our core training and depth of experience and expertise is considerably more expansive. Our employees are trained in the WisdomWayTM of mindful caregiving—dedicated to skillfull and compassionate service—to help with one baby or multiples, a premature baby, a fussy baby, an infant with special needs, breastfeeding assistance, postpartum depression and postpartum mood disorders. You’ll find that a Birthways postpartum doula is more flexible and focuses on all
of your needs as a new family.

Benefits of a Postpartum Doula

Our own research shows that Birthways postpartum doulas have had a significant impact on:

  • Breastfeeding Success
  • Parenting Confidence
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • And more

Why Birthways? We provide the expert help you need when you

need it. Birthways doulas offer expertise in newborn care and wellbeing and get at the heart of what you and your family need. Whether it’s your first baby or your fourth, our doulas will answer your questions, offer guidance on breastfeeding and wellness issues, cook a healthy meal, help you and your baby get the rest you need to thrive, and much more!
We take care to find the right doula for you. For specialized needs, we have doulas with expertise in postpartum mood disorders, complications of the postpartum period, LGBTQ families, premature or medically fragile infants, and other needs.
Cost: Hourly rates $30-$47

Getting all you need for the childbearing year

Breastfeeding Warmline

Birthways clients—including postpartum, labor support, and childbirth education participants—have access to our breastfeeding warmline. Staffed during regular business hours, our lactation experts are happy to answer
basic breastfeeding questions and make referrals where needed.

Breastfeeding Clinic

Our Breastfeeding Clinic is an affordable way to connect with our lactation consultants, obtain evidence-based information and reassurance, get a weight check for baby, and meet other breastfeeding moms.
Cost: $40

In-home Lactation Consultation

A Birthways Board Certified Lactation Consultant will provide a full evaluation in your home at a time convenient for you.

Sleep Support, Sleep Consultation, Sleep Coaching

Do you have a little one who struggles with sleep? Someone who needs a lot of help to settle, rises early, or wakes during the night? Or maybe you have a 3-12 week old and would like establishing healthy sleep patterns from the start?

Sibling Care During Labor

Support for a family’s older child or children during labor. Whether planning for an older child or children to attend the birth, or if a loving caregiver is needed to care for the big brother or sister at home, a Birthways doula
can support sibling preparation and adjustment, maintain day and night routines, prepare snacks and offer age-appropriate activities, and serve as a companion during this important time. The doula will be on-call 24/7 as the due date approaches. We can arrange for “get-to-know you” visits to ensure the older child or children will feel comfortable with the doula.

Massage and Infant Massage

Birthways offers massage and bodywork services from Prenatal/ Postpartum experts. Massages can be in-home or in-studio. Package discounts are available. Birthways offers prenatal massage,
massage after birth, and massage for newborns. -AND-
Bouncing Back from Baby This 5-week program combines therapeutic massage, bodywork, and movement education to address the changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth. CONTACT: 888.506.0607 EXT.709

Perinatal Mood Disorders & Mental Health Services

A common manifestation of a perinatal mood disorder is anxiety about baby’s wellbeing. When mood disorders sink in, however, vigilance of baby’s needs often gets excessive, worries escalate and uncomfortable anxiety manifests. Birthways knows that sometimes anxiety comes from ‘nowhere’ or from real circumstances such as a baby who was premature or spent time in special care. Individual, Couples & Family sessions are available. CONTACT: 888.506.0607 EXT.713