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Do you have a little one who struggles with sleep? Someone who needs a lot of help to settle, rises early, or wakes during the night? Or maybe you have a 3-12 week old and would like establishing healthy sleep patterns from the start?

Carrie Fosbinder is a Senior Postpartum Doula at Birthways and Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant.

After seeing first hand what a huge difference sleep makes in health and happiness during the postpartum period and early years of childhood, Carrie brings her experience and education to the assistance of struggling parents who could use some guidance. She is certified to work with children five and under, and uses a range of age-appropriate sleep coaching techniques. With a holistic approach that looks at the child’s entire day, Carrie makes recommendations suited to each individual child and family; she can help you implement recommendations in your home and is available for phone or email support as you follow through.

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