Tammany Droll

Tammany joined Birthways in 2016 as a Postpartum Doula. Having trained through DONA International in 2010, Tammany became a Certified Postpartum Doula/First Year Specialist through WisdomWay Institute, aligning her commitment to high-quality care with ongoing knowledge and skills.

Tammany has a degree in Early Childhood Education and Child Psychology and has completed her Nursing Assistant training. Her background includes working with pregnant and parenting teens, nursing home support with mentally impaired children, Certified Nursing Assistant, and hospice home health care provider. Supporting those at the beginning and end of life has been deeply satisfying for her but her greatest passion has been supporting new families. Tammany worked as a private doula/newborn care provider for many years prior to joining Birthways.

Since her doula training in 2010, Tammany has focused her work and professional development on the support needs of newborns and their parents. Beyond her years with Birthways, she brings over three decades of experience working as an infant caregiver in a variety of childcare centers and as an in-home nanny. She has experience with premature infants, multiples, and with infants and children with special needs including Downs Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. Tammany has worked extensively with families assessing needs and assisting families with implementing sleep training techniques. Tammany is knowledgeable regarding infant sleep development and loves helping families get restorative sleep as she is helping babies develop healthy sleep habits of their own. With a penchant for soothing the fussiest of babies, her clients have been so grateful for her skill as well as her good humor and kind attention to their needs.

Tammany describes that mothering has always been an area of fascination and joy for her. She has three children who have brought her a range of birth and parenting experiences! She loves being a mother herself and supporting others through this time. She describes herself as “detail-oriented as well as empathically and intuitively connected to the needs of children and the needs and desires of their parents.”

Tammany is a wonderful, calm, and patient overnight support to so many new families!

What Clients Say:
“Tammany was lifesaving. She really listened to me and was very respectful.She was open and gentle. I would have her again in a second!”

“Tammany was prompt and attentive, she really listened to our suggestions and gave us some too. I really trusted her with my baby.”

“Tammany was wonderful in every way, and truly became part of our family. Deciding to work with a postpartum doula was the best decision we ever made. With all of the craziness that we (I) experienced; she was the glue that kept our household together.”

Tammany Droll

Training + Education

  • WisdomWay Institute First Year Specialist/Postpartum Doula: Certified January 2021
  • Birthways Core Doula Training Program: 11/16
  • DONA Postpartum Doula Training: 2010
  • Art of Breastfeeding Training: 2010
  • Bradley Method Training: 2010
  • Certified Nursing Assistance training 1994
  • Infant CPR: International CPR Institute – Adult/Child/Infant CPR/AED Expires 2/2022


  • Early Childhood Education and Child Psychology degrees
  • Long time doula
  • Experience with premature newborns, multiples, and children with special needs


  • National criminal background check completed with no adverse information
  • Birthways Reference Checks: Completed four references with no adverse information and excellent feedback
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