“I really liked that she was informative in her advice but let us make our own decisions. I think she was terrific and would not change anything.”

“My labor went very quickly and (Doula) arrived as I was going through transition. She came in very calmly, yet very quickly assessed the situation and made helpful suggestions for pain management. The midwife had been reluctant to come so quickly, but once (Doula) arrived, she was able to identify exactly where I was at in my labor and asked my husband to get the midwife there ASAP. Thank god she did because our baby arrived only 40 minutes after the midwife.”

“She was so patient and encouraging, and just when I thought I couldn’t take one more moment she would say, “OK in five minutes we’re going to try something else.” and that really kept me going. After the birth she was so helpful in working on the baby’s first latch. Most of all, I could really tell that (Doula) loved her job. Even after I kept her up for two full nights in a row, she seemed genuinely happy to be a part of our birth. We felt so prepared because of her, and we felt like we had the birth we wanted because of her.


“She was so encouraging and helped me gain so much more confidence as a mom, validating my instincts when I felt unsure or judged by others. There were a lot of things that completely turned around very positively for us after (Doula) came to us.”

”The emotional support she provided in the first few weeks was invaluable. We loved having her as our doula, she is a true asset to your company.”

“My husband and I were 100% satisfied with the postpartum doula services we received from Birthways. The first three months with our newborn twins were incredibly tiring and having night-time help was critical to our functioning during the day. (Doula) exceeded expectations and proved to be a thoughtful and consistent caretaker. Thank you!”

“(Doula) was excellent. She was very reliable, calm, took our lead as to how to deal with the baby at night, offered good advice and support. I miss her presence in our house. :-)”

“(Doula) was great to work with; professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and collaborative. She provided wonderful peace of mind and much needed sleep!”


“We have SO enjoyed working with Birthways and are sad that our time with you guys is ending. (Postpartum Doula) has practically been a part of our family. She is a wonderful Doula. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her. Our son loves her dearly. We can’t thank you enough for all of your help and support from our training with (Childbirth Educator), to our delivery Doula….Every one of you we have worked with to schedule hours has been so helpful as well. It was so nice to be able to find all resources for our care in one place. THANK YOU!!!!!”

“Thank you to you and your team. Working with Birthways has been such a pleasure and a blessing.”

“Granted, this kind of scheduling is really difficult. I didn’t know how much support I would need, no one knew when the baby would show up, and I was not in a great state of mind to make clear decisions! Despite all of this, Birthways made it as easy as it possibly could have been to get us all the care we needed when we needed it. I was amazed at how flexible, patient and accommodating they were. They clearly have dealt with the ambiguity of new parenthood before!”


“You guys made a huge difference in the transition to home, especially with breastfeeding support.”

“Without (Doula), I am not sure we would have successfully gotten breastfeeding established that first day and the whole process would have been a lot scarier.”


“(Educator) is wonderful, knowledgeable, and significantly improved our birth experience….(Educator) was excellent in getting into the technical/medical details.”

“The class and everyone’s contributions made it such a helpful experience to prep us for the (completely) unexpected.”

“There is not enough space here to share all the great things about this class and (Educator’s) teaching, attitude and personality. She shared practical information, as well as theoretical, answered our questions, made everyone feel at ease, confident and my husband started being interested in learning about labor since taking this class (and that says a lot)!…Before taking this class I was afraid of labor, but several lessons into the class I was looking forward to it, was curious, challenged and new it would be an empowering experience. And it was, because of this class. Thank you again! And special thanks to wonderful (Educator)!”