Why Birthways

Why Birthways


Carefully screened, trained, and supported, Birthways doulas have a range of experience to meet your unique needs. We’re not just figuring this out. We are nationally recognized experts involved in establishing the first certification guidelines in the field 20 years ago!


We have 24/7 on-call administrators to deal with issues that arise outside of business hours.


We will pair you with a doula that will be the right professional for your needs. Our training keeps providers up to date on newborn care, women’s health, sibling needs, lactation, and emotional wellbeing. Our labor support providers have expertise with both low risk and high risk pregnancies, and we work with women who have special concerns with their wellbeing. Because we get to know you, we’ll be sure to find the right doula for your needs, budget and parenting style.

Doulas on our team have impressive backgrounds. They include midwives, perinatal educators, women’s health specialists, RNs with Maternal/Child/NICU experience, newborn and early childhood professionals, Social Workers and other mental health professionals, sleep specialists, Lactation Consultants & Lactation Educators—we have the right expert for you.

Trained for special needs.

Our doulas receive special training in supporting mothers with multiples, postpartum depression and perinatal mood disorders, adoptions, and other special circumstances. Our labor support team has expertise in low risk and high risk pregnancies, breastfeeding and a range of unique needs.


Birthways is unmatched in being responsive, and maintaining consistent, exceptional care. You’re looking for a doula that will meet needs with compassion, knowledge and skillful nurturing for you and your family, but you also want reliability, consistency, and responsiveness. We employ and train our doulas as well as support their continuing education.


Calling around and not getting responses? We have two decades of experience and unmatched professionalism to anticipate your needs, and exceed your expectations. We have solid backup plans, and great communication skills to help you plan for what you know you will need, and to work through contingencies for the unexpected.

Flexibility and Reliability.

You want to be sure your doula is available, but have no idea when this baby will really arrive. You aren’t sure about family support or how to plan for care. Birthways has models of care that allow you to reserve care without worrying about all the what-ifs, and we can offer flexible plans. Talk with us to learn how Birthways will make sure that you get what you need.

In addition, billing is done with ease. Also, you will have support to submit your bills for reimbursement or for your tax returns. We can bill to a credit card account, help a family member pay for our services as a gift or organize a registry for your care needs!

There’s a reason providers and our clients recommend Birthways so highly to other expectant families and why we’ve become such an established resource for families in the Chicago area! Get to know us and see how we can make finding a doula, and having a baby, an easier, joyful and supported experience!