Virtual Labor Support Consultation – 1 hour


Purchase a 1-hour consultation with a Virtual Labor Support Doula to help you prepare for your baby’s arrival. After completing purchase, you will be taken to the scheduling page to immediately book your consultation.



Taking the time during pregnancy to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally for the birth experience with evidence-based information and a knowledgeable, compassionate Virtual Doula can make all the difference in feeling ready to welcome your baby! Common topics for Virtual Labor Support Consultations include:

  • reviewing stages of labor & comfort measures
  • partner support techniques
  • defining birth preferences
  • supporting communication with your Health Care Provider
  • addressing your questions, concerns, fears or worries about the birth process

The 1-hour Consultation can typically address 1-2 topics. You can schedule additional 1-hour Consultations or consider the 2-hour consultation if you have more you would like to cover.