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Access personalized doula support during pregnancy and birth. Take group classes to learn and connect with other expectant people.

Having the support of a doula during labor and delivery has been shown to result in fewer medical interventions, fewer hours in labor and increased satisfaction with the birthing experience.


In-Person Labor Support

The benefits of the continuous support of a trained labor support person is well documented. Both low and high risk women have better outcomes when a doula is present. A study compilation from Cochrane Review validates these findings about the continuous presence of a doula during labor.

We start with a free intake and interview process. Once you've selected your doula, then the Traditional Labor Support Package Includes:


Up to 3 prenatal visits focused on your preparation and preferences for birth and early postpartum


Your doula is on-call for you 24/7 beginning at 37 weeks of pregnancy


A back-up doula and Administrator On-Call


Continuous support through labor and delivery


Immediate postpartum support following delivery


Postpartum follow-up visit to check-in on how everyone is doing at home


30 minutes of free Warmline support for basic feeding questions


Celebrate Birth! Group Classes

Learn to recognize normal patterns in pregnancy and labor and the common pitfalls that can steer you off course.

You'll gain an understanding of:


Prenatal Care


Stages of Labor & Pushing


Recognizing Labor Patterns


Comfort Measures for Labor


Working with Your Doctor or Midwife: Advocacy Issues and Birth Plans

Join a community of other expecting parents a childbirth preparation class that will have you feeling confident and ready.

A one-day intensive class that brings you the key concepts you need to know to prepare for a smooth childbirth experience.

Sibling Care During Labor

Birthways Sibling Care During Labor can help the children in your family prepare and adjust to coming baby and even support them while you give birth. Whether you are planning for your older child or children to attend the birth, or if you need a loving caregiver to care for the big brother or sister at home, a Birthways doula can help.

Sibling Care During Labor Package includes:




1 Get To Know You Visit of up to 3 hours for doula to spend with your family


On-call beginning at 37 weeks through birth


Up to 24 hours of continuous care


Additional Visits and Care also available at special hourly rates


We also offer our Customizable A La Carte Option if you have a shorter on-call need with day rates.


Pregnancy, Labor & Birth

Gain confidence with childbirth classes. Understand what's normal and avoid common pitfalls. Get access to a trusted doula for personalized support.


Breastfeeding & Lactation

Get the guidance you need to nourish your little one without the discomfort and pain. Make breastfeeding that special time of bonding it was meant to be.


Postpartum & Newborn

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and Googling questions about baby's health. Get a custom plan for support from birth to your baby's first year.

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