Caring Companion

Postpartum & Newborn Support

Imagine having someone there to care for your baby while you take a shower. Or providing breastfeeding guidance when your baby isn’t latching on. Or simply someone to answer “is this normal?” That's exactly what you get when you work with one of our doulas. Let us take the stress off easing into your new role so you can get:

  • Better sleep
  • More time to attend to your healing and recovery
  • Comfort, reassurance, and professional or night
  • Breastfeeding help and support
  • Support for the entire home

Don't wait - now is the perfect time to plan your doula care!


In Person-Doula

In the Chicago area?

Get the full support of in-person doula services!  ​Sometimes just knowing the stuff of life is well in hand is all the peace of mind you need to enjoy a day with a shower, a prepared meal, a nap, and calm confidence.  An in-person doula can help with:


Day and/or overnight care, up to 24 hours a day


Nourishing meals, clean laundry, tidy home


Lactation and brestfeeding support


Newborn care - one baby, twins, triplets - sibling care and new parent support


Pregnancy bedrest support or skilled support with complicated postpartum adjustments


Night support and sleep management


& more

“Birthways was great to work with; professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and collaborative. Our Doula provided wonderful peace of mind and much needed sleep!”


Working with a Birthways doula is simple:


Tell us about your needs

Βοοκ an initial call with a care coordinator who listens to your needs, worries, and expectations so we can address everything that’s important to you. Get matched with the right doula for your needs, budget and parenting style.


Get flexible, ongoing support

Get a customized care plan that adapts to your changing needs. If unexpected situations arise or you need to change how or when you get support, we’ve got you. Get sensitive, evidence-based support as you move into your new role - no matter what


Recover and enjoy your baby

Be at peace knowing there’s someone in your corner you can talk to about anything. Your doula provides help and guidance that makes caring for your and your baby’s health simple. Relax, focus on recovery and enjoy special bonding time with your little one.

Expert Doula Care

Compassionate, non-judgmental support any time of day

Now that your baby is here, you are entering a whole new world - a world filled with lots of love, joy, and excitement - but also full of questions. How can you best care for your baby after coming home from the hospital? Get peace of mind by having an expert doula in your corner.

Give your friends and family the gift of being able to spend time with your newborn without having to constantly feel like they're on call...or expected to help with things they might have no idea about.

Complete Support

Here are some of the questions you may still be wondering about hiring a doula:

How will hiring a postpartum doula benefit you and your family?
How much does working with a postpartum doula cost?
What can you expect from having a doula in your home?

Visit our Doula Resource Center and get answers to the most common questions or schedule a free call with us to discuss how we can help with your needs.

Mothers and their Baby 2

Pregnancy, Labor & Birth

Gain confidence with childbirth classes. Understand what's normal and avoid common pitfalls. Get access to a trusted doula for personalized support.


Breastfeeding & Lactation

Get the guidance you need to nourish your little one without the discomfort and pain. Make breastfeeding that special time of bonding it was meant to be.


Postpartum & Newborn

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and Googling questions about baby's health. Get a custom plan for support from birth to your baby's first year.

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