A newborn’s 6 states of consciousness and why they’re important

Newborn 6 states of consciousness-Birthways Doulas Services Chicago

Newborns cycle through 6 states of consciousness—2 are sleep states and 4 are waking states. Observing the external signs of these behavioral states, parents can learn how to understand and align with their baby’s needs and facilitate moving between the states, also known as regulation. These states are organized around a few key factors: Baby’s…

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What to Expect in the First Hour After Having a Baby

What to expect in the first hour after baby's born, from Birthways in Chicago

Knowing what to expect in the first hour after having a baby can help smooth your transition from “pregnant” to “new mom.” There aren’t many moments in life that can compare to the first moments after baby arrives. Emotions can be high, the room can fill with activity, and parents and baby start exploring the…

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Shopping for the Right Car Seat

“Car Seat Safety” series. Guest Author: Angel Mattes We get a lot of questions about the best or safest car seats to use. While car seats are products sold in stores, they are considered a safety device, and as such, you can’t necessarily rate or compare them as you would with other products. While there…

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Tips on Car Seat Installation

“Car Seat Safety” series. Guest Author: Angel Mattes   New parents often worry about keeping their little ones safe and navigating the world of parental responsibilities, and car seat safety is no exception. Whether you’re 9 months pregnant and installing a car seat for the first time, or seeing for the first time just how…

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Should I Swaddle My Newborn? Is it Helpful? Harmful? Safe?

Babies in tightly wrapped bundles are a common sight on hospital maternity wards. Many parents ask their doula for swaddling instructions upon coming home and hope to learn that tight burrito wrap that the nurses seem to master. But should you learn the swaddling technique, or should you toss out that swaddle blanket? The swaddle…

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Sleep in Pregnancy and Early Parenting

Are you hitting the couch at 6pm, too tired to get to the grocery store or to walk the dog?  For many women, pregnancy can bring a fatigue that is unlike anything they have experienced.  You feel so overwhelmingly tired and yet you can’t sleep. You are not alone; nearly 78% of women are plagued…

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