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Identifying Your Postpartum Care Needs

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There is no one right way to do this important thing of conceiving, growing, birthing or raising our babies. 


We can plan some of our life milestones, our careers, our homes, our families. Sometimes we anticipate where we’ll need support.  A mentor or coach.  A moving company.  A realtor or a contractor. 


We know when we’re pregnant that we’ll need a midwife or doctor to provide care, and we have learned how important a labor doula can be.  We know to sign up for birth classes. 


When it comes to the postpartum time and early parenting, which for many of us feels like the most important milestone in our lives, we often underestimate our own needs along the way or just don’t know where to begin. 


For nearly 3 decades, Birthways has been supporting families as they prepare for pregnancy, birth and the first year of parenting.  


Here are the top questions expectant parents want to know:


“What do I need to know and plan for when I’m pregnant?”

We hear this question A LOT! It is true, we do not know what we don’t know yet. Through our thorough intake, matching and scheduling processes our care coordination team works with you to align care that best fits your needs. Whether you are electing for Birthways childbirth classes or private education, labor support or postpartum doula care and lactation support, our entire administrative team is in touch step by step before your baby is born and throughout your entire postpartum care journey, ensuring you are having a wonderful care experience. We provide services for the full year around childbirth.


“What do other families do to get through the first months?”

  • Some families benefit from overnight postpartum doula care. This care is booked in a total number of hours, scheduled in at least 8 hour blocks with the average shift 10p-6a. 


  • Some families benefit from daytime postpartum doula care. This care is booked in a total number of hours, typically scheduled in 4-6 hour blocks-morning, afternoon or evening depending on your needs and doula availability. 


  • Some families benefit from prenatal (often 3rd trimester) daytime or overnight care to help prepare the household for the baby, support with siblings in the later weeks of pregnancy, as an extra set of hands as our bodies can feel more uncomfortable before birth etc. This care is booked in a total number of hours and can be coupled with your postpartum doula support. 


  • The average Birthways family books 16 weeks of postpartum care. Our coordination team works with you and your doula(s) to create a schedule at time of booking that makes the most sense for your family.


  • Some families book care early on in the 2nd trimester. Others come to us for last minute urgent requests after their baby is home and they are in the weeds. Birthways recommends booking care by 27 weeks gestation to ensure availability and the best fit for your care.


  • All of our postpartum families can take advantage of the free warmline support and in-home lactation visits with one of our team of IBCLCs. We are here to holistically support your feeding journey, within your wishes and individual circumstances.


  • Birthways has built a trusted referral network of providers our team can share with you shall your care needs be outside of our scope of practice. It takes a village!


  • Once contracted, your doula(s) are reserved for your family. Depending on your scheduling needs, you may have the benefit of working with more than one doula throughout your care journey shall a fill in be needed due to illness, etc. All of our doulas are professionally trained and have access to Birthways communication systems and mentorship to provide you with a seamless experience.


How is doula care priced?

  • Birthways offers different care packages, priced per hour, depending on the total number of hours you contract your doula(s) for. There are package options for different needs i.e budget, schedule flexibility, etc


  • More and more families can access benefits through Medicaid or their work. Check with your employer to see about using FSA/HSA benefits or if there is another program offering reimbursement for doula services. Our administrative team is here to help facilitate what is needed for your individual situation.


Getting started is easy!

Sign up to book a free initial 1:1 conversation with one of our intake specialists and/or complete the Care Request Form.


We look forward to learning more about your care needs and supporting you throughout this important time!

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