Chicago Labor Support Doula Services

“She was so patient and encouraging, and just when I thought I couldn’t take one more moment she would say, “OK in five minutes we’re going to try something else.” and that really kept me going. After the birth she was so helpful in working on the baby’s first latch.”

What is a Labor Support Doula?

Your doula’s role is to help you to prepare for labor and to provide comfort to you during childbirth.

Invaluable Assistant
Your birth doula becomes your invaluable assistant for pregnancy, childbirth and the process of welcoming your baby. She recognizes and supports your needs for preparation & informed decision-making as well as comfort and reassurance.

Your doula is an expert childbirth consultant, grounded in optimizing the normal and safe progression of labor. She brings experience and wisdom to help nurture your confidence and serves as an ongoing resource to help you sort through your birthing options.

Diplomatic Support
Birthways doulas provide diplomatic support, working effectively with doctors, midwives, and nurses to create an atmosphere of calm and cooperation in the delivery room and helping families to have the birth for their baby that’s right for them!