Daisy Johnson (she/her)

Daisy is a holistic birth and postpartum doula, trained in Advanced Labor Support, Peer Lactation Support and Childbirth Education. She is currently pursuing her Associate’s Degree in Midwifery from the Midwest Maternal Health Institute and expects to complete the program in March 2025. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago. It was the experience of giving birth to her first child in 2018 that the fire for birth work was ignited in her, when she was told that day by her delivering midwife that one day she would call herself a midwife as well. Daisy has since supported over 45 births in the Chicagoland community and earned numerous advanced trainings and certifications in a myriad of areas: belly binding, herbalism, baby wearing, Mother Blessing facilitation, birth emergency skills, birth assistant training, and so much more. Her mission is to help families have safe and peaceful birth and postpartum experiences that will positively effect them for generations to come.

Daisy is a farm girl at heart, raising backyard chickens and growing food and herbs in my garden. Herbalism and creating products that heal is a practice that feeds her soul. She has coached track and field and has a passion for personal training. Daisy is an avid traveler and engages in various community education projects.

In Her Own Words

“For me, being a Doula is answering an undeniable call. The current state of infant and maternal care in America across the board motivated me to be the change we needed to see. When I began it was clear that evidence showed that having a doula produces better outcomes and experiences for birthing people. Now that i have experienced almost 5 years in this field I have seen and felt with my own eyes and heart the impact that has been made. Cycles of trauma have been broken for so many and for me that has made my entire journey more than worth it. There is still work to be done and so my fire for supporting birthing people and their families continues to burn brightly.”

What Clients Say

“Daisy brings balance to any space, bringing different perspectives without judgement.”-T Allen

“Daisy is reliable and she makes the environments welcoming for who she works with. She is present for others and teaches back what she learns about their wishes.” -Jocelyn


Training + Education

  • Birth Assistant Training- Julie Banas
  • Birth Assistant Training- Rising Phoenix Birth Services
  • Birth and Postpartum Herbalism- Grandmas Hands


  • Holistic birth and postpartum doula


  • National criminal background check completed with no adverse information
  • Birthways Reference Checks: Completed references with no adverse information and excellent feedback
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