Janina Shorter

Janina (she/her) is a certified full-spectrum doula, including labor support and postpartum care. She is a certified Community Breastfeeding Educator and in her 5th year as a Midwifery student, Janina is a wife of 17 years, a mother to 9 children and grandmother to 3. Her work is rooted back to her mother who passed away during childbirth as she has first hand experience the lasting effect of preventable maternal death and the value of taking care of every birthing person.

Before she knew the term doula she was an advocate for supporting birthing individuals for 20 years as the family doula, Janina is passionate about supporting families at all stages, She enjoys gardening, cooking , playing drums and reading. She is currently furthering her education as a student midwife and herbalist. Janina feels called this work and Birthways is a perfect organization to join.

Strong moms create strong babies. strong babies create strong families. Strong families create strong communities. The only way we can build strength is together.



“Janina creates connection, brings her doula bag/care package based on what was important to the client, She knows it is most important when having a baby to feel heard and listened to. ” Kathy

“Janina she mothers others innately, offering a safe connection and knowledge. She is fun to be around and adapts to many different types of people.” Kajita J.


Training + Education

  • Doula certified with Gifted Hands International
  • Midwifery School – MMCI Midwest Maternal Child Institute (anticipated graduation 6-2024)
  • Herbalism Training – Alchemy Plant
  • CPR, AED, Infant CPR


  • Certified full-spectrum doula, including labor support and postpartum care
  • Certified Community Breastfeeding Educator
  • 5th year Midwifery student


  • National criminal background check completed with no adverse information
  • Birthways Reference Checks: Completed references with no adverse information and excellent feedback
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