Leah Lemelin

As a Community Leader at Birthways, Leah (she/her) is the initial face of your care journey, supporting the doula and client experience within our embodied mindfulness-based care model. Leah recruits, hires, trains and holistically mentors Birthways care professionals to thrive in their practice supporting mothers and families. She also supports as a labor support, postpartum doula, incorporating her background as a mindfulness meditation teacher into all of her roles.

She loves connecting and building relationships with families, aligning the best care for their specific needs. As a team player in the broader landscape, Leah develops partnerships with fellow community and perinatal professionals, coming together to support one another in caring for hopeful, expectant, birthing and parenting people at all stages of their journey.


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Formally practicing as a doula since 2016, Leah understands that birth is a natural phenomenon experienced in our own unique way, and the postpartum time is a space that invites intentional pause and mindful care to learn about ourselves, our babies and new reality.

As a mother of two small people, Leah has lived the value and vulnerability of this rite of passage into and through the early years of parenthood, and has great awareness of the challenges and joys balancing Self, family, and professional life for well-being. She intends to bring tailored, non-judgmental and evidence-based support, resourcing the inner experience during this special time of transition.

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Training + Education

  • McClean Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Certification
  • Creating Space: Pelvic Dynamics, Fetal Positioning and Use of the Rebozo: Brittany Sharpe McCollum
  • Newborn Safety Workshop
  • Birthways Core Doula Training Program
  • WisdomWay Institute First Year Specialist/Postpartum Doula Certification
  • Birth Arts International Labor Support Doula
  • Sokana Full Spectrum Doula Certification
  • Yoga Immersion 200-hour Teacher Training


Passionate about creating good space in mind and body for ease, compassion, and well-being, Leah is fueled by decades of work building her toolbox:

  • Practicing Doula Since 2016
  • Formal Educator and Trainer
  • Business and Career Developer
  • Humanities Teacher
  • Yoga Practitioner
  • Speaks English, Spanish, and some Italian
  • Mindfulness and Meditation


Leah believes that there is no one way to conceive, birth or parent other than the way each person experiences it. It is an honor to be welcomed into this special time of change, resourcing and empowering others within their experience.

  • National criminal background check completed with no adverse information
  • Birthways reference checks: Completed five references with no adverse information and excellent feedback
  • Covid vaccinated
Founded in 1997

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