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Birthways Postpartum Doula Help

Birthways is the Chicago area expert in providing postpartum care to growing families. Our postpartum doulas will help your family thrive as you welcome your newborn!

Our postpartum doulas are experts in caring for you and your new baby. Birthways provides:

  • Day and/or overnight infant care, up to 24 hours a day
  • Affirming, compassionate, and evidence-based guidance for new parent questions
  • Lactation support
  • Reassurance for newborn well being
  • Collaborative support with your health care team as needed
  • Meal preparation
  • Errands or carpooling
  • Sleep consulting/fussy baby support
  • Sibling care, newborn care and new parent care
  • Assistance setting up your nursery, readying baby things, and flexibility to meet everyday practical needs
  • Pregnancy bedrest support or skilled support with complicated postpartum adjustments
  • A day with a shower, meals, naps and calm confidence


Is a Postpartum Doula the Same as a Nanny or Newborn Nurse?

We get a lot of questions about the differences between these terms and which resources might be most appropriate.

“Newborn nanny” or “baby nurse” refers to a childcare provider who specializes in caring for newborns. The provider may or may not have any medical training, maternal/child health training or certification.

At Birthways, we are “postpartum doulas” who provide any of the services that a night nurse, newborn nanny, baby nurse or newborn specialist provides but our core training and depth of experience and expertise is much more expansive.

Our employees are trained to help with twins or triplets, a fussy baby, a premature baby, an infant with special needs, breastfeeding assistance, postpartum depression and postpartum mood disorders. They can also help you plan for the transition back to work.

You’ll find that a Birthways postpartum doula is more flexible and focuses on all of your needs as a new family. Whatever our clients might call us, we are their invaluable support with the adjustment that a new baby brings to their lives!