Pregnancy & Labor Support & Sibling Care During Labor

Preparing for labor and providing support

An Easier, Safer Delivery

Low and high risk women have better outcomes when a doula is present, and a compilation of studies involving over 5000 women and 14 trials showed that the continuous presence of a doula during labor reduced cesarean deliveries and instrumental deliveries, reduced the duration of labor and even reduced the likelihood of medication for pain relieve. Meanwhile satisfaction improved and Apgar scores for infants increased.

Dedicated to You. Whoever you are.

At Birthways, national trainings and certifications from organizations such as DONA or toLabor are just the beginning. Our doulas possess additional trainings and we take your preferences into account with our matchmaking. Interested in HypnoBabies or HypnoBirthing, Spinning Babies, Mindfulness, or Yoga? Or a doula who also has a background as a Midwife’s Assistant or Student Midwife? Massage Therapy/Infant Massage? Our expert support is helpful for women with complex health histories, prior injuries or muscular-skeletal anomalies or weakness. We are dedicated to being a part of your team.

Our Traditional Labor Support Package Includes:

  • A free intake with our Care Coordinator and their matchmaking expertise
  • Free interviews as you select your perfect Birthways doula
  • Up to 3 prenatal visits focused on your preparation and preferences for birth and early postpartum
  • Your doula is on-call for you 24/7 beginning at 37 weeks of pregnancy
  • Continuous support through labor and delivery
  • Immediate postpartum support following delivery
  • Postpartum follow-up visit to check-in on how everyone is doing at home
  • 30 minutes of free Warmline support for basic feeding questions

Customized Labor Support Packages can be created with you!

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The Benefits of a Labor Support Doula

The benefits of the continuous support of a trained labor support person is well documented. Both low and high risk women have better outcomes when a doula is present. A study compilation from Cochrane Review validates these findings about the continuous presence of a doula during labor.

The Cochrane Review finds, “Continuous support during labour may improve outcomes for women and infants, including increased spontaneous vaginal birth, shorter duration of labour, and decreased caesarean birth, instrumental vaginal birth, use of any analgesia, use of regional analgesia, low five-minute Apgar score and negative feelings about childbirth experiences.”

Continuous labor support such as that provided by a labor support doula from Birthways in Chicago provides many benefits to mothers and babies.

Sibling Care During Labor

Whether you’re planning for your older child to attend the birth, or if you need a loving caregiver to care for the big brother or sister at home, a Birthways doula can help.

Creating Connection

Your doula is available through phone, email or text. Plus, with up to three prenatal visits you’ll have confidence in your relationship.

Support When You Need It Most

Our Labor Support Package includes support in early labor at home, continuous support at your chosen birth location, through the immediate postpartum time, including initiating breastfeeding.

Helping You Adjust

Your labor support doula will come for a postpartum visit, usually within the first 4 weeks after birth. You also receive 30 minutes of Free Warmline with a breastfeeding expert.

Commitment. Care.

Our doulas are committed to professional growth and development and have exceptional experience. We’re warm, clear communicators who bring compassionate, non-judgmental attention to your needs. We can help you explore options for a health care provider and birth location that is right for you, and we’ll be sure to find the right doula for you too!

Birthways doulas understand that support looks different for each person. We’ll work with you to figure out what will be most impactful for your journey. Katy Collins, Birthways Labor Support Care Manager and Certified Labor Support Doula talks more about this in her article in Pregged!

Designed Just For You

Reassurance and Guidance

during pregnancy, labor and delivery and in the early days of parenting

Comfort Measures

for pregnancy, birth and postpartum including massage techniques, positioning ideas, and visualization strategies

Prenatal Preparation

for what to expect through education and conversation

Skillful support

at home, moving to your birth location, and communicating with your health care team through all of labor and delivery


to demystify the confusing, overwhelming, even scary parts of having a baby

Evidence-based resources

for your questions, concerns and unique circumstances

"Childbirth wisdom"

that optimizes normal progress and includes self-care in early labor and optimal fetal positioning

Breastfeeding support

first latch and early bonding time, or working with other feeding strategies – whatever you decide is best for you and your baby

Frequently Asked Questions about Labor Support Doulas

What is a Labor Support Doula?

Your doula’s role is to help you to prepare for labor and to provide comfort to you during childbirth.

Invaluable Assistant
Your birth doula becomes your invaluable assistant for pregnancy, childbirth and the process of welcoming your baby. She recognizes and supports your needs for preparation & informed decision-making as well as comfort and reassurance.

Your doula is an expert childbirth consultant, grounded in optimizing the normal and safe progression of labor. She brings experience and wisdom to help nurture your confidence and serves as an ongoing resource to help you sort through your birthing options.

Diplomatic Support
Birthways doulas provide diplomatic support, working effectively with doctors, midwives, and nurses to create an atmosphere of calm and cooperation in the delivery room and helping families to have the birth for their baby that’s right for them!

Is a Labor Support Doula Right For Me?

Do you have a particular concern? Our doulas receive specific training in supporting mothers with a range of needs or concerns. We specialize in working with mothers or partners with fears of childbirth or prior trauma and those experiencing or at risk for perinatal mood disorders.

Have a complex medical history? Our intake coordinator will learn about your needs and suggest doulas that have the right experience for you.

Is planning for the unknown a little overwhelming? Right now, you’re thinking about support for birth and may not be sure what to plan for after the baby arrives. Our clients love that we offer such a wide spectrum of services and expertise:

  • Additional lactation consultation
  • Postpartum care: day and overnight
  • Fussy baby guidance
  • Emotional support
What Does a Labor Support Doula Provide?
  • Reassurance and guidance from a knowledgeable, compassionate and non-judgmental source
  • Comfort measures for pregnancy, birth and postpartum including massage techniques, positioning ideas, and visualization strategies. Her “Doula bag” includes hot and cold compresses, aromatherapy and massage tools. She will work with you to find the comfort measures most effective for you, and is familiar with the wide range of approaches, including yoga and mindfulness, other mind/body practices, hypnobirthing, and other techniques.
  • Preparation for the wide variety of normal labor patterns
  • Support at home and guidance for when to move to your birth facility
  • Skillful support for great communication with your health care team
  • Demystifying decision-making when interventions are suggested
  • Evidence-based resources to help you feel informed
  • Optimizing normal progress with ‘childbirth wisdom’, including self-care in early labor and optimal fetal positioning
  • Breastfeeding support
Why Birthways for Labor Support?

Birthways has been raising the standards of care for labor support and postpartum care providers since 1997. While doulas can achieve national certifications after serving as few as 3 clients, we continue to mentor our labor support providers throughout their career. Our community makes a commitment to continue their professional growth and development no matter how many years of experience they have.

Doulas on our team have exceptional experience, are warm, clear communicators and bring compassionate and non-judgmental attention to your needs. We will introduce you to the providers you are most likely to connect with. We’ll be sure to find the right doula for your needs and budget. These services are just a phone call away! Your providers can work collaboratively to get you a seamless team providing caring attention. We recommend planning ahead (by week 27) for all services but we work to meet the needs of our clients when the unexpected arises.

Who are Birthways’ Labor Support Doulas?

All Birthways doulas have received their initial training from a national certifying agency such as DONA or toLabor. At Birthways, we consider this the very beginning of doula training and education.

Our doulas possess additional training, such as Hypnobirthing, Massage, Acupressure, Spinning Babies, Midwifery or medical degrees and licensure, and more.

Our doulas have a broad experience and wisdom to support:

  • First time mothers
  • Women who have previously given birth
  • Women with vaginal births after cesarean (VBAC)
  • Home births
  • Hospital births
  • Common (and not-so-common) complications.

We knowledgeably support women with complex health histories, prior injuries or muscular-skeletal anomalies or weaknesses, and will work with physical therapists or other health care teams to support and protect your body during childbirth.

What is the Cost for a Labor Support Doula or Birth Doula?

Our fee structure is developed to make our services accessible. Cost depends on your unique needs and the right doula for you. We have a sliding scale for any of our services. Call us at 888.506.0607 to discuss your budget and needs.

Our Doula provided support physically, helping me to work through contractions and helping my partner feel empowered to work with me through contractions. She also helped create space to make decisions that we were presented with throughout the labor and delivery.

I am truly grateful for the entire experience I had with Birthways. From the start, the process of speaking to the Care Coordinator about the various birth classes to my wishes for a specific type of Doula was easy and not intimidating. It was like speaking to a friend about what I wanted in my birth. She was able to match me with the PERFECT Doula…who was my greatest support during my labor. My husband was also a great support, but our doula did the grunt work of it all. She guided me through the labor and when I wanted to give up, she was there offering me comfort and support. I cannot thank Birthways enough for helping me with the birth of my first child. I would consider your services an absolutely vital part of anyone’s birth journey! Thank you for everything that you guys do!

Sibling Care During Labor

Support For Your Older Child or Children During Your Labor

Birthways Sibling Care During Labor can help the children in your family prepare and adjust to coming baby and even support them while you give birth. Whether you are planning for your older child or children to attend the birth, or if you need a loving caregiver to care for the big brother or sister at home, a Birthways doula can help.

On-call sibling support from Birthways in Chicago can support your older child or children while you give birth.

Sibling Care During Labor:

Sibling Care During Labor Package for $900 includes:

  • Interview
  • 1 Get To Know You Visit of up to 3 hours for doula to spend with your family
  • On-call beginning at 37 weeks through birth
  • Up to 24 hours of continuous care
  • Additional Visits and Care also available at special hourly rates

We also offer our Customizable A La Carte Option if you have a shorter on-call need with day rates.

Massage and Infant Massage

Birthways offers massage and bodywork services from Prenatal/ Postpartum experts.

Massages can be in-home or in-studio. Package discounts are available.

Massage During Pregnancy

Postpartum Massage

Infant Massage Instruction

Two 1-hour in-home sessions for $180.

Get the Support, Comfort and Confidence You Deserve!

For over 20 years, Birthways has provided expert support for Chicago-area families during the childbearing year with compassionate, knowledgeable, and affirming care. Founded by renowned postpartum expert Karen Laing, our doulas are carefully screened, trained, supported and experienced to meet your unique needs. With expertise ranging from education to lactation to sleep, Birthways is committed to providing compassionate, affirming support for expectant and new families.

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