Benefits of a Postpartum Doula

Families seek postpartum care for a range of reasons:

To avoid postpartum complications and ensure breastfeeding success.

“We have heard so many horror stories. We wanted to get off to a great start and not worry that we were ignoring something important that could be a problem.”

To receive knowledgeable, compassionate and non-judgmental guidance and reassurance as they learn to care for their newborns.

“I have lots of people in my life giving me advice. I wanted someone who was a trained expert who would reassure me that I was doing this right. It’s my first baby and I don’t actually know what I’m doing.  But I want to feel competent and find my way and not feel torn between what my sister tells me and what my mother-in-law tells me.”


To fill gaps in support systems.

“We don’t have family in the area.”

“My partner travels for work and I don’t know how I’m going to manage without him here!”

“My mother would like to help but she just isn’t able to. Besides, I like the idea of her visiting but not having to ask her to do so much for me.”

“My mother-in-law wanted to visit. I wanted to include her but having the doula in the beginning helped me to work through my own lack of confidence so when family arrived, I felt like I had things figured out and we could enjoy the visit. I even learned to nurse more discreetly so I didn’t have to feel self-conscious. “


To address a particular concern.

“Every twin family I talk to says “Get help!”

“I’ve struggled with anxiety and knew I would be at risk for a postpartum mood disorder. I didn’t know how amazing it would be to have this reassurance but also to have the companionship of someone who I enjoy being with. I would have been so much more isolated. And getting sleep and help to feel confident? I think I was under far less stress than I would have been without my postpartum doula.”

“The delivery was complicated and I’m recovering from a c-section. I needed help lifting my toddler and driving and can’t even manage the stairs.“


To avoid the risks associated with sleep deprivation, unmanaged stress and overwhelm that every new parent experiences.

“I know myself and I know my husband.  Both of us fall apart when we don’t get sleep.  I’m planning for doula care to be a ‘resentment buster’. We can enjoy this time without feeling let down or struggling over who is getting up when the baby wakes.”

“My health condition flares up if I’m not taking good care of myself. The doula helped me to have a great adjustment and I felt so much better than I expected I would. “

Read this Position Paper on the Benefits of Postpartum doula care:

Our own surveys tell us that Birthways postpartum doulas have a significant impact for new parents.


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